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Includes Stand & Headset

The Ideal Fusion of Rich, Expressive Sound and Exceptional Style
As the newest member of Yamaha's P series line, the P-140 delivers incredible sound performance at an incredibly sound price. Featuring Yamaha's highly acclaimed Graded
Hammer Effect keyboard as well as realistic piano and instrumental voices, the P-140 offers both the authentic feel of an acoustic piano and the advanced features of today's
digitals. Whether you are an accomplished or aspiring musician, the P-140 has the simple operation and superior style you need to showcase your abilities.

Essential Sounds
The P-140 brings users an exceptional range of instrument voices, from organs and harpsichords to the new, all-in-one piano & string dual voice. Recorded using Yamaha's own
AWM sampling technology, all onboard voices accurately reproduce the subtlest harmonics of the actual instrument with stunning realism.

Dynamic Stereo Sampling
To offer truly authentic sound, Yamaha takes piano voice sampling to a whole new level. With three separate layers of stereo samples each set at a different velocity, Dynamic
Stereo Sampling changes not only the volume, but also the harmonic structure of the notes depending on how hard you play the keyboard just like a real acoustic piano! An
exclusive fourth sample layer recreates a piano's unique sustain resonance whenever the damper pedal is pressed, while key-off samples add even the subtle sounds of felt
dampers coming to rest on piano strings. Better still, the P-140's highly efficient built-in powered speaker system directs your music forward for unbeatable sound.

Realistic Piano Action
The P-140 features Yamaha's highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect keyboard, the result of more than a century's worth of piano craftsmanship and ingenuity. It's designed so
that the keys in the lower registers have a heavier touch than those in the upper, which helps to create the feel of an acoustic piano. Just take a look at the different-sized
hammers under the lid of any grand piano and you'll see why Yamaha puts the Graded Hammer Effect keyboard in all P-Series instruments.

50 Preset Piano Songs at Your Fingertips
Time for a break? A selection of 50 different piano songs is provided for your listening pleasure. These recordings were chosen for their beauty as well as their functionality.
Since many of the songs are classic piano pieces, anyone taking lessons can listen to them for reference. Feel like practicing? Mute the left or right hand parts of the song for
hands-separate practicing. You play one hand, while the P-140 accompanies you with the other. Music educators agree that this is an essential part of learning any piece of

  • Keyboard Graded Hammer Effect keyboard, 88 keys
  • Tone Generator AWM, 3-layer Dynamic Stereo Sampling, Key-Off Samples, Stereo Sustain Samples (open-string effect with sustain pedal)
  • Maximum Polyphony 64 Notes max
  • Voices 14 Distinct voices each with 3 tonal variations
  • Effects 5 Different Reverbs, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, and Rotary Speaker
  • Performance Modes Dual, Split
  • Pedal Sustain Pedal (Can be used with half pedal effect),
  • AUX Pedal (Assignable to various functions)
  • Display 7-segment, 3-digit LED
  • Recorder 3 songs, 2 tracks, 11,000 notes with Flash ROM Storage
  • Demo Songs 14 voice demo songs, 50 preset songs
  • Metronome Tempo: 32-280, Beat: 0-15
  • Connectors Dual Headphones, MIDI IN/OUT, AUX OUT, AUX Pedal
  • Amplifiers 6W x 2
  • Amplifiers 6W x 2
  • Speakers 12 x 6 cm x 2
  • Dimensions 1,334 x 351 x 140 mm (52-1/2" x 13-13/16" x 5-1/2")
  • Weight 17.8 kg (39.2 lbs)
  • Included Accessories Music Rest, FC3 Foot Pedal, AC Power Adapter

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