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Media Piano & Keyboard Method :

This CD-ROM offers over 300 step-by-step lessons starting from basics such as hand position, rhythm and playing on black keys, and moving on to music notation, sight reading, scales and much more! Piano teacher Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music, guides you with video demonstrations of techniques. Songs and exercises are enhanced by live recorded audio, variable-speed MIDI keyboard tracks and colorful MIDI accompaniments. Interactive review and ear training screens help reinforce new concepts and develop your ear. When used with an electronic MIDI keyboard, you can get specific feedback on playing mistakes, including wrong notes and rhythms. Youšll learn how to play and learn a lot about music as well!

eMedia Guitar Method Volume 1:
New Version! 155 comprehensive lessons cover basics, chord strumming, playing melodies and fingerpicking. Contains over 70 songs from Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead and Steve Miller and others. 30 videos and over 3 hours of audio from guitar instructor/national performer Kevin Garry, Ph.D. Includes animated fretboard, multi-track audio for hit songs, and variable-speed MIDI tracks so that you can slow down any song. Learn songs in guitar tablature or standard music notation (notes on the screen highlight and fingering is displayed on the animated fretboard). Built-in automatic tuner, digital metronome, recorder with playback, Internet song guide and 250-chord dictionary.
AABACA $45 Hybrid 16 MB RAM

eMedia Guitar Method Volume 2:
Take your playing to the next level with eMedia Guitar Method 2! 85 more lessons, popular songs and licks with intermediate-level skills such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, vibrato, slides and barre chords, different strumming styles. Chapters on melodic soloing teach you how to play in the style of Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia and Jeff Beck. Learn how to read music, scales and modes. Variety of music styles is covered. Choose tablature or standard music notation. Includes built-in tuner, metronome, recorder with playback and an expanded 900-chord dictionary.

eMedia Bass Method Volume 1:

114 step-by-step lessons by renowned bass instructor John Arbo. Learn to play using full motion video with multiple angles and close-ups. Over 200 songs and exercises, triads, fills, syncopation, plus creating a bass line. Includes multi-track recorded audio, variable-speed MIDI, bass-only and no-bass options. Features songs by the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and others. Includes an animated fretboard, automatic tuner, recorder and metronome.
AABACA $45 Hybrid 16 MB RAM

eMedia Blues Guitar Legends:
Learn how to play classic blues songs from the masters themselves! Music notation is highlighted as songs play, while an animated fretboard displays fingerings in real-time. Ten blues classics including Stevie Ray Vaughan's Crossfire, Robert Cray's Smoking Gun and B.B. King's The Thrill is Gone. Includes variable-speed MIDI tracks, simplified chord versions ideal for beginners, full note-for-note transcriptions and biographical material.
AABACA $40 Hybrid 16 MB RAM

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